The 2nd ACMISST 2013 JAPAN


Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that the 2nd conference of “The Asian Congress of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Techniques (ACMISST) 2013 combined with The 6th MISS Summit Forum” will be held at Meitetsu Inuyama Hotel, Aichi, Japan during March 28 - 30, 2013.
The first conference was held in Shanghai in 2011. In two years, there must have been much progress made in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery. The 2nd ACMISST will be a great opportunity to discuss and share new techniques with leading international experts from all over Asia. In addition to surgical techniques, we would like to have sessions for conservative treatment and pain management. Any topics about the spine will be welcome.

This conference has two main features: live surgery and special lectures. Three live surgeries will be performed: Percutaneous endoscopic cervical discectomy (PECD), Percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy (PELD) and Microendoscopic lumbar laminotomy (MEL).
We also will be presenting intriguing lectures. Dr Anthony Yeung, the most famous PELD surgeon will talk about PELD from his enormous experience. Dr. Raushning will discuss clinical anatomy from a surgeon’s point of view. And Dr. Hellinger will speak about the latest disc therapy in Europe. We also have luncheon seminars by Dr. Gun Choi, Dr. Yoshida, Dr. Dezawa and Dr. Matsuyama. These will be very useful and inspiring lectures, so do not miss the opportunities.

Inuyama city is located in the center of Japan and is famous for “Inuyama castle”. The wooden castle, built about 400 years ago, is a national treasure. It will be a great experience to climb up to the top and command a beautiful view. You can feel like a samurai warrior. The venue, Meitetsu Inuyama hotel is close to the castle and equipped with a hot spa. Late March is a great season in Inuyama. You will possibly be able to see beautiful cherry blossoms blooming all over. I will be very happy if you arrange your busy schedule so as to be able to meet us in March.

I look forward to seeing you in Inuyama.

Fujio Ito

The president of the 2nd Asian Congress of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Techniques (ACMISST) 2013